sweet javanesse oat porridge

sweet javanesse oat porridge

the pandan leaf is eatable, believe me!A month ago, my friend told me that he was disappointed with the taste of oat porridge. He said that it was so terrible.. Actually, he forgot to add a pinch of salt, *sigh* Okay, that was my suggestion for him to eat oat porridge, since it’s healthier rather than eating instant noodle. Made from natural whole grain oats, it may contain low fat and cholesterol. It is also said that oats can reduce blood cholesterol (but it depends on your daily diet, of course)


            Ole! I know that oat porridge is not part of our Indonesian culture. We usually eat instant noodle if we are hungry, but the MSG (Mono Sodium Glutamate) and other chemical ingredients containing in instant noodle are not really good for our body. Hmmm for you who are “Indomie addict” will say that the taste of instant noodle is common for Indonesian people and quiet delicious.


            However, let me ask you, how you can say that certain foods are delicious and edible, yet some other food are not delicious and inedible?

Honestly, Taste is just a cultural matter. What is delicious, edible and proper to eat are learnt in everyday life since childhood until now. So, it is not impossible if we try sumthin’ new! Don’t be enslaved with your own culture. We have the power to decide what kinds of food are good for our body and what are not. Just break the habit and try different thing! And talking about taste is not so much different with adventuring to unique and different places on earth.


            It’s your choice!


            So, this is my favorite oat porridge recipe, just try it!


            210ml water (3 ¼ medium glass)

            4 tablespoon full of oat (I prefer Quaker quick cook oatmeal to other oat brands)

            ¼ teaspoon of salt

            1 tablespoon of palm sugar

            1 tablespoon of raisin

            Pieces of Pandan leaf


            Boil water, oat, salt and palm sugar until the porridge thickens (5 minutes), stir gently.  Add raisin and Pandan leaf.

            (If you dare enough, you can add some spices like cinnamon, ginger or clove in adequate amount)


Bon appetite!


3 thoughts on “sweet javanesse oat porridge

  1. ya ampun kang.. ya aku to ya yang masak sendiri… mari kita unjuk kebolehan memasak.. tapi aku nda’ mau kalo masak oat dikasih ayam+kecap… hyaaakkkkssss…. nyerah aku ..

  2. gimme salty recipe for oat porridge, Ran! since it’s quite boring for me, always eat the sweet one 😉
    and according to my experience, it’s also fun to mix your oat in a glass of milk and eat it like a cereal ;D

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