Then it’s all about the journey…

Then it’s all about the journey…

Silvi said to me, ‘life that never be reflected is life that need not to be lived.. ‘Yup.. That’s the biggest reason why I and silvi went to Solo, central java, on Friday 30 may 2008, because both of us have a deep feeling to this beautiful city. And we thought that it is better to go back to the beginning, to find the root, to find the reason, to understand what have been we decided consciously or emotionally.

So much thanks to you silvi, for made this trip happened. She is very super duper busy with her wedding preparation and new job. Yet she still had a day to accomplish this trip.

We took the 06.55 am pramex train after we were a bit late to catch the first 06.00am train. Hahaha… that’s the art of traveling, isn’t it? It could be in a hurry or no money left to spend, get sick, lost of direction or else.

But, you don’t need to worry, I already brought a solo city map, just in case of we got lost and turned like an idiot in the city. It took 45 minutes by train from Lempuyangan train station jogjakarta to Balapan Train Station Solo. Our first destination is Sahid Kusuma Hotel in Sugiyopranoto Street. I spent almost a month in this classic hotel last October-November 2007. There was training for Indonesian Family Life Survey 2007 or in Indonesia we called Sakerti means Survey Aspek Rumah Tangga Indonesia. Honestly, the training was so boring and tiring, but I met and shared great moments with new friends and old friends.
And Silvi? She had been spent a night in this hotel as a smuggler during my training. Hahaha, it was happen because we didn’t have any time to meet and we did have so many things to talk about, our life have been turning up side down at that time. So, she just flight from Meulaboh Aceh, met her family in Jogja and then went to solo to meet me. Oh.. Love you sil…
So, we’ve just sat in the bench by the pool, enjoying every corner, as if every single thing in the hotel as silent witness, ordering dark bitter Javanese coffee and a cup of strawberry-chocolate ice cream in the Gambir Sekethi restaurant, talking about all that we have been through, trying to understand the meaning, maybe we’ve already disclosure something, maybe we’ve not… it is like we tried to reveal the core.. But, life is a process isn’t it? Life is a journey.. Perhaps not of all the answers are revealed today.. Time answers, honey..

And for me.. This is the place where I met so many great persons during my training and I’ve learned so much from them.

The first and the only one is Mrs. Bondan Sikoki the numero uno lady of this survey. Hahaha, no comment, for whom who knows and have some memories of her, just tell me. She is so impressing isn’t it?



Then, my 120 roommates; vera, Yuli and Siti. Yuli is the smartest and most diligent among four of us. Siti, I shared the same bed with her. And vera? She is my best friend, we shared all those silly things together, hang out until midnight at the lobby, sang some songs poorly in the hotel bar, and of course talked about hot guys to remember.. hahaha…
My training team. The I team consisted of Nimas, Rani, Ekus, Agung, Alkaf Yahya, and Helmy Maulana. Usually, after the class finished, we were assembling at the bench by the pool or in front of Agung’s room just to finish the homework together. Because the homework was so confusing and it was better to solve it together.
Marthadinata. How are you? I met him, the father of three children, in SPKP survey training last june 2007. And it was great to meet him again. He fell in love with my poems and I do appreciate his poems (He showed his book of poems just for me). The silliest thing was, I thought that he is twenty something, but the truth is he is thirty something, he has younger look, believe me!


 The west java team. These west java team guys were wearing the same batik cloth in purpose, yet maybe other teams would think that this team was too weird. Hehehe…


Mas Danu, Ismail Ibrahim, Himawan Taba, Rasyid, Noa, Anjas, and else from Makassar, South Sulawesi. They were so cool, calm and confident.. (or it’s just in my imagination)




img_0310and my JAbar D team. my beloved Kang Jejen, who always performs his satire yet funny monologue, Amron and all the impromptu trips we have been through… (linggarjati, mount ciremay…), Wisnu; the fortuneteller, Kang fajar and his red-blue pens on his ears, Delly and ‘goyang kopyor’, Ama the ‘waslok’, ceu Vera and all the story we’ve shared together, nunung, dwi, ismiyati, and mb indra..

all of my friends that I couldn’t mention them one by one..

So… back to the future! After we have finished memorizing every corner in Sahid Kusuma Hotel, (actually, I drank 3 cups of dark coffee, and I felt great) we walked to the market to buy some batik clothes. We took some pictures of solo streets and corners. Do you think it’s a ridiculous thing to do? For we all know that solo is not far from Jogja. (About 65 km) And we weren’t in Stockholm or South Africa, but we were enjoying every second in solo. So, traveling may not be just about the great distance from home, or exotics places but maybe it is just because we fall in love to the city, it’s all about the memories, or maybe Solo is just my second hometown after Jogja.
Ok, we had to go back to Jogja before the dawn. We took the 04.16 pm pramex train in balapan station. Ups, let me tell you… For me the second romantic public place after the post office is the train station. Don’t you ever realize when the train is coming to the station, they blown their horn to greet the station and the people, and then a man with blue uniform and red hat waving to the train? Isn’t it romantics? As if like people come and go.. They are all in a hurry to do something.. Sometimes they never have any care to anything surrounds them.. This is a deep sentence which I quoted from the Sophie’s world book by jostein gaarder:

“Life is sadden and serious. We are permitted to enter this beautiful world, we meet each other, greeting and wandering together just for a while. Then we‘ll loss each other and vanished as suddenly and illogically as when we come.

Well, maybe it’s all about the journey we have to begin and to accomplish …


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